Inspection and Supervision

We provide a comprehensive service, which includes quality inspections in the process line up to shipment.

The inspection and supervision in fruits is carried out both in pre-shipment and in the shipment of the product.
Pre-shipment inspection:
  • Verification of the quantity of fruit per box according to size.
  • Verification of the presentation, brand and packaging of the product: PLU, box code, etc.
  • Verification of storage conditions and product safety.
  • Verification of fruit quality: variety, maturity, brix degrees, skin color, pulp, smell, color, texture, pulp temperature, identification of main defects.
Boarding supervision:
  • Verification of the suitability of the container (cleanliness, dryness, hermeticity, absence of strange odors, etc.) prior to loading the product.
  • Supervision of product stowage and container filling.
  • Identification of the location of the pallets inside the container by variety.
Documents issued at the end of the service:
  • Quality certificate.
  • Certificate of quantity.
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