Quality certification and shipment

Quality certification and shipment for organic and/or conventional export cocoa
We provide a comprehensive service, which includes:

Pre-shipment inspection
  • Verification of the number of bags to be shipped.
  • Verification of the presentation, brand and packaging of the product.
  • Sampling according to NTP ISO 2859-1 and/or FCC/2011 standards.
  • Verification of product conditions during sampling.
Boarding Supervision
  • Verification of container conditions
  • Verification of lining and placement of absorbers.
  • Tarja (bag counting)
  • Weight control of the merchandise.
  • Supervision of container filling, closing and sealing.
Quality certification


HUMIDITY (Method: NTP ISO 2291-2006)
GRAIN QUALITY – CUT TEST (Cut test / Normative references: NTP-ISO 2451.1999 and NTP-ISO 1114.1999)

Fumigation for conventional cocoa
  • We fumigate static lots and shipment.
  • Static lots: Under the blanket modality.
  • Shipment lots: In containers.
  • We use aluminum phosphide, a product authorized by SENASA with low traceability.
Documents issued at the end of the service
  • Quality certificate.
  • Certificate of quantity.
  • Weight certificate.
  • Fumigation certificate.
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