Code of Conduct

Control Union Services in accordance with the policies of Peterson and Control Union Group (PCU), provides confidence to clients in the area of inspection and certification. The ethical behavior of all our employees is of vital importance for the proper development of our services and business success. That is why we carry out our activities in such a way as to avoid conflicts of interest, pressure on integrity, bribery and, in general, non-compliance with current legal provisions. For this reason, our company makes Control Union Service's code of conduct available to the general public, applicable to all our workers, clients and interest groups.
Laws Compliance: The Company's activities are carried out in strict compliance with current laws and legal regulations, and it encourages compliance among its workers.

Professional: We act in a professional, independent and impartial manner with our clients. We care about the reputation of our company, scheme owners and accreditation bodies. We act in an honest, fair and incorruptible manner with our clients, colleagues, Public Entities or any interested party.

Bribery and Corruption: We do not offer or accept any type of bribery, incentives or facilitation payments to influence our activities or those of third parties.

Conflict of Interest: We do not engage in activities that result in conflicts of interest. We do not provide advice or consulting services to clients or potential clients.

Confidentiality: We do not disclose information about our clients unless required by law, CU instructions or the standard. We respect our customers' interest in protecting their confidential information.

Reliability: We do not disclose false or misleading information that compromises the integrity of the inspection or certification processes.

Compliance: We do not accept incentives, commissions, gifts or any other benefits from inspected organizations, their employees or any interested party.

Political activities: The Company does not make contributions to Peruvian political parties nor does it intervene in political activity in Peru.

Sales Declaration: For the Rainforest Alliance program, the certificate holder must register each transaction of certified products in the RA systems to allow the issuance of transaction certificates.

If you are aware of any situation contrary to our Conduct Code, you must report it via We assure you that the company will maintain the anonymity of your complaint.

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