USDA NOP - United States department of agriculture - National Organic Program Standard

Organic certification for agricultural, livestock and wild-harvested products under USDA NOP standards for the US market.
Organic agriculture can be characterized in some basic ideas, such as soil fertility is maintained or improved, chemicals such as pesticides or artificial nitrogen fertilizers are not used or produced, animal welfare is ensured.

USDA organic certification is based on the US Organic Production Standards (NOP-USDA) (286.11 kb), created by the United States Department of Agriculture. This certificate is necessary for clients who wish to export their organic production to the United States, even if they have certificates for other countries.

To obtain this certificate, you must comply with these standards, and be certified by a certifier that is accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture, such as Control Union Certifications.

Once the certification is approved, the USDA NOP seal can be used on the products.

The National Organic Program standards
Of the United States Department of Agriculture

If you want your project to be certified under this program, download the Organic Application Form, fill it out with your data and send it to so that we can make you a quote.
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