SPP - Small producer symbol

The Symbol of Small Producers is an intercontinental network of organizations of small organic producers that fight for the recognition of the high quality of their products and work for a dignified life and a healthy planet for all, in alliance with committed companies and consumers. SPP is launched to give identity to small producers and their values in a Fair Trade movement.
This seal is based on the principles and values ​​of the organizations of small producers that gave rise to the creation of this distinction. SPP describes and promotes its vision not only towards the peasant organization itself, but also towards society and the economy in general.

This symbol has its own regulatory framework and Sustainable Prices, which are built from the reality of small producers, with a focus on developing their capacities.

SPP applies to the Organizations of Small Producers, Buyers, Collective Traders of Organizations of Small Producers, Intermediaries and Maquiladoras.

This symbol only certifies products that, apart from complying with the SPP regulations, have a certificate recognized as an organic product. SPP prices are based on actual costs of sustainable production.

For more information about SPP, visit their website: https://spp.coop/

Control Unión is Authorized to operate the Small Producers Symbol Certification and Registration program", indicating in the document OC-PER-13-001.
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