Primus GFS

PrimusGFS is a fully recognized Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked audit program covering GAP (Farm, Harvest Crew, and Indoor Agriculture) and GMP (Cooler Cold Storage, Packinghouse, Processing of Plant Perishable Products, Processing of Animal and Plant Perishable Products (Mixed Products), Processing of Ambient Stable Products, and Storage and Distribution) as well as Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS).

Azzule Systems owns and manages PrimusGFS.
PrimusGFS certification is divided into seven modules:

Module 1 - Food Safety Management Systems- FSMS (applicable in all certifications)

Module 2 - Farm

Module 3 – Indoor Agriculture

Module 4 – Harvest Crew

Module 5 – Facility

Module 6 – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Module 7 – Preventive Control (PC)

The standard has separate audits for a wide variety of processes:


Category name

Operation Type


Farming of Plants (other than grains and pulses)

·       Farm

·       Indoor Agriculture

·       Harvest Crew


Farming of Grains and Pulses

·       Farm

·       Indoor Agriculture

·       Harvest Crew


Pre-process handling of plant products, nuts and grains

·       Storage and Distribution Center

·       Cooling / Cold Storage

·       Packinghouse


Processing of perishable plant products

·       Processing


Processing of perishable animal and plant products (mixed products)

·       Processing


Processing of ambient stable products

·       Processing


Storage and Distribution services for food

·       Storage and Distribution Center

For more information and supporting documentation, please visit:

How do you benefit?
  • Open commitment to the production of products safe for human consumption.
  • Reduced food safety risks
  • Improved farm management efficiencies
  • Core Program. The PGFS program is a comprehensive standard for GAP and GMP criteria, like other private standards.


To learn about the audit and certification process you can review the following link:

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