PEFC (Program for the Homologation of National Schemes)

The PEFC Council (Program for the Homologation of National Schemes) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental body, founded in 1999 to promote sustainable forest management through an independent third party certification.
PEFC offers a guarantee mechanism to buyers of wood and paper products that promotes Sustainable Forest Management of Forests.

The PEFC certification provides customers with guarantees that the purchased wood or paper products come from companies that promote sustainable forest management.

PEFC is a canoe organization, which allows the mutual recognition of certification standards and national initiatives, developed in public consultation processes with interested parties.

Control Union Certifications (CU) is accredited by PEFC and RVA to perform Chain of Custody audits following the principles and requirements of the Chain of Custody standard for wood-based products (PEFC ST 2002:2010).

The Chain of Custody (CoC) certification guarantees a connection between the entry of certified wood into a process and the products at its exit. In order to achieve a chain of custody and to be able to label the final products as certified, each unit responsible for the wood, from the forest to the retail distribution channels, must have a CoC certificate that supports that the wood comes from forests managed under criteria of sustainability.

"Forest certification is a voluntary tool that has increasingly become a differentiating element that increases the competitiveness of forest products in international markets."

Control Union Certifications documents

Cadena de Custodia PEFC

Estándares PEFC

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