MSC - Marine Stewardship Council

The Marine Stewardship Council is an international, independent, non-profit organization created to address the problem of unsustainable fishing.

They recognize and reward efforts dedicated to protecting the oceans and providing sustainable seafood, today and tomorrow. Its goal is that future generations can always enjoy seafood and oceans full of life.
Protect the health of all oceans through the MSC certification and eco-labelling programme. They collaborate with their partners in order to create and encourage an international market for sustainable seafood. They do this by recognizing and rewarding sustainable fishing practices and by influencing the choices consumers make when purchasing fish or shellfish.

Control Union Services, is a certification body that carries out inspections, audits, verifications and certifications of various programs. It is accredited by ASI (Accreditation Services International) for the ASC and MSC CoC programs.

Control Union Services has a staff of qualified auditors worldwide, which allows us to make our work more efficient and profitable for our clients.

For more information, you can contact any of your local Control Union offices.

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