LEAF Marque

LEAF Marque is an environmental guarantee scheme that recognizes and rewards the most sustainable farming practices by creating market opportunities. Integrated Farm Management (IFM) supports the LEAF Marque system, for the implementation of more environmentally sustainable agricultural practices.

What is LEAF Marque scope?

The LEAF Marque standard applies to all LEAF Marque audits regardless of country and company. The LEAF Marque standard covers the entire agricultural business and applies to products across the entire agricultural business, not limited to defined crops or businesses within the business.

It is additional and complementary to LEAF Marque approved reference systems; as GLOBALG.A.P. The standard is based on the environmental aspects of approved reference systems.

Please contact us for any additional information.

Visit www.leaf.eco for more information, as well as official LEAF Marque regulatory documents.

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