EFAPA - FIPA (Korea)

In 2013, the EFAPA and FIPA were integrated into one act called ‘The Act on Promotion Eco-Friendly Agriculture and Management and Assistance of Organic Foods, etc.' for preserving the agricultural ecology by not using/minimising the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilisers, etc. and promoting the supply of organic processed foods.
The main principle of organic agriculture is the production of healthy food from balanced and fertile soil. During production and processing, organic and non-organic products must be separated and contamination with prohibited substances (mainly syntheticsand non-certified products) must be prevented. The production and processing of organic products need to be inspected by an accredited and independent third party, according to the inspection system laid down in the regulations.

Control Union Certifications is accredited by the NAQS (National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service) for worldwide certification activities related to agricultural products, processed foods and feeds (Certification body number 62).

For processed foods, there has been an equivalence agreement between Korea and the USA since 1 July 2014 and between Korea and the EU since 1 February 2015. Accordingly, these countries accept each other’s organic systems, making it possible to export food products as organic without the need for additional certification. Specific conditions may apply for labelling.
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