BRCGS - Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards

The BRC is one of the most widely applied Food Safety references today.
British Retail Consortium is now called BRCGS. In 1996, the British Retail Consortium (UK Trade Association) developed the BRC Global Standards to provide a consistent approach to supplier auditing. Two years later, the food safety testing program was accepted by the majority of retailers in the United Kingdom, living up to its name: British Retail Consortium (BRC). BRC Global Standard was founded to manage these activities.

After several developments, BRC Global Standards was sold to LGC in 2016. To facilitate the presence of a global brand and focus less on the retail sector, it was decided not to use the British in the brand name and henceforth, from of 2019, operate under the acronym BRCGS which stands for Global Brand, Reputation and Compliance Standard. Therefore, BRCGS asks its customers and other interested parties to now speak exclusively of BRCGS, adapting the name accordingly in contracts and other documents.
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