Bird Friendly

Producers who apply to the Bird Friendly program must have organic certification.

The operator must make an autoevaluation by completing the form at the bottom (3-1-1 Internal Control) to determine whether or not it meets the basic criteria established by the standard to apply to the program.

In the case of a group of producers, this self-assessment must be carried out for each farmer-farm that wishes to apply to the program.

You will then complete the 3-1-2 Matrix which summarizes the producers proposed for the Bird Friendly program.

The minimum criteria that must be met are: shade coverage, average height of the predominant stratum and floristic diversity. Failure to meet any of these criteria disqualifies you from applying to the program.

Application process
  • Apply: Application for this program is done in conjunction with the organic program: Application Form
  • Evaluate the offer letter: We will send you an offer letter where we describe the inspection and certification costs for one calendar year, along with the Contract Terms.If you agree to the offer, return a copy signed by the legal representative. Once this is done, you enter into an agreement with CU to join one of our certification programs. CU will send you a confirmation letter detailing your registration and informing you of the certification program, if necessary.
  • Scheduling: After receiving payment of the inspection and certification service fee, CU will schedule your inspection visit.
  • Inspection: After all necessary inspections have been completed CU will provide you with a report of the findings. You must compulsorily meet the minimum program criteria mentioned above. In case of non-compliance with the other criteria that are evaluated in the standard, you must present an action plan.
  • Certification: Based on the content of this report, CU will decide whether or not to grant certification in the Bird Friendly program. The certificate will be valid for 03 years.
  • Maintenance: Since the certification lasts 03 years, the recertification inspection will be carried out in the third year, however, during the organic inspections it can be evaluated if the requirements of the program are still being fulfilled by the producers.
Important documents
  1. Manual Bird Friendly
  2. Matriz Control Interno
  3. ORG.CONTR.F01 v1.0 SOLICITUD (Formato de aplicación)
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