Tesco Nurture

Under the Tesco Nature's Choice (TNC) standard various fruits and vegetables can be certified.
This program has been designed especially for suppliers of Tesco for fruit and vegetables. Control Union Certifications is authorised to carry out inspections for this programme. The standard is technically similar to the GLOBALGAP Fruits and Vegetables standard, but is more stringent on several points. Before you apply with us for inspection to obtain a TNC certificate, candidate companies have to be registered with a Tesco primary supplier.

Nature's Choice demonstrates Tesco's commitment to protecting and wherever possible enhancing our environment and to raising standards in the industry. It seeks to allay customers concerns about environmental issues and provides them with the assurance that Tesco fresh fruit, vegetables and salads are procured only from those who have demonstrated that their production and produce handling systems are environmentally sound and responsible. Nature's Choice, with its demanding and far reaching requirements embodied within the Code of Practice, is leading the way in attaining production and supply of high quality produce achieved in an environmentally responsible manner.

The main documents of the scheme:
-Nature's Choice Code of Practice

The code covers the following:
Section 1: Rational use of Plant Protection Products
Section 2: Rational use of Fertilisers and Manures
Section 3: Pollution Prevention
Section 4: Protection of Human Health
Section 5: Efficient use of Energy, Water and Other Natural Resources
Section.6: Recycling and Re-use of Materials
Section 7: Wildlife and Landscape Conservation and Enhancement
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